At the start of the umpteenth Covid wave, I felt sad about the polarization in society. In the beginning of Covid we were all sweet, caring and understanding for each other. Now we sometimes face each other as enemies.

I explored what I, but also many others, need in this newly emerged reality: happiness, joy, liveness, organic shapes, softness. In my research I rediscovered yarn. I wanted to give the softness of yarn, wool, the ultimate leading role.

During my research I started working on textile works: soft, organic shapes in cheerful colors, I was inspired by people, nature, my garden, flowers, the underground, invisible and above ground, visible etc.

My project “Welcome To My Happy World” became a magic dreamworld, which consists of a series of smaller works, ‘My little Happy Friends’, as well as a number of larger works including a two part work ‘My Happy Brainwave, ‘The Dance #1, ‘The Island of Hope’ etc. I started exploring the world with objects: The Forrest Of The Lost Souls which have several things that most people missed during covid, like ‘Big Hug’ . The days of the weeks were a bit getting lost, here comes the serie rope art who are representing the days of the week. A serie of ceiling works represent the sunlight coming in the houses… A serie of giant masks/portraits are welcome in this world.

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