With the exhibition ‘Viewscape’ Greet Weitenberg made her debut with photography at Maastricht’s gallery PontArte in 2018. 

After this show she had several other shows with her photos in galleries in Amsterdam (2018, Josilda da Conceição Gallery) (Arti et Amicitiae, 2018, 2019, 2020), Wiesbaden, Germany (2019, Rubrecht Contemporary).

In 2020 she had a soloshow with her photo serie “On the road’ in Arti et Amicitiae and a soloshow with her new photoserie ‘Abandoned’ in PontArte Gallery in Maastricht. 

In 2020 Greet Weitenberg is selected as one of the 100 European FRESH EYES PHOTO talents. And in 2021 she is selected as one of the 100 Dutch GUPNEW talents.



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