the Covid-19 Papers

It’s a weird, uncertain time. Corona has turned many lives upside down. People stay at home, work at home, homeschool their children, etc. Obvious things suddenly no longer go without saying. 

This also applies to me. My daily routine to my studio in the center of Amsterdam has stopped. We moved my studio to our small cottage in our garden at hour houseboat in Amsterdam-North. This has also changed my way of working. I think smaller and therefor work smaller, not so much in size but in living smaller. Our garden has become even more important; here we live, eat, drink, have our groceries delivered, and here I work. From our garden I created ‘The Covid-19 Papers’. 

The Covid-19 papers

In my garden I have different kinds of flowers. I started taking photo’s of these flowers, one at the time with a sparkling blue sky as background. I posted these photo’s on social media, hopefully they will bring a bit of sunshine in peoples home!

These photo’s would not have been made by me if Corona wouldn’t be here. So I call them my Corona flowers. 

But I wanted to do more with these photo’s of flowers. So I made a linocut from some of them. Since the flowers are inspired by Covid-19 I couldn’t just print them on normal paper. 

Listening to the news, reading the paper, everything is about Corona, Covid-19.

I started collecting newspaper articles about Covid-19. Once I had a big stack of articles I shredded them in small pieces. 

With these small pieces I made new paper, my Covid-19 papers.

And instead of spreading Covid-19 news I used this new paper to print the linocut I made from the photo’s of flowers.

My Corona Flowers

The Covid-19 Papers

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