The serie “Welcome To My Happy World” consists of textile works but also of drawings. A serie drawings of micro-organismes in the water of this world and a serie drawings about the surface of the shimmering of water.

The extended family

I was about 8 years old when I drove through the Ruhr area in Germany with my parents, brother and sister. I looked at all the gray blocks of flats and suddenly realized that there were all people living there. People, families, children, like me. With a whole life. But I did not know them. And they didn’t know me. Yet these people had to feel very important, just as I felt. Loneliness took over from me.
Years later I was in my studio and this experience came up again with me looking through the window of my atelier. The growing individualism in society struck me!
With my camera I started photographing different people. People I know and people I do not know.
Back in my studio I looked intensively at the faces and started drawing them in one line. By looking and drawing the faces these people became like my family. And the people who look at these drawings also become a bit like family of the portraits.
My extended family was a fact!

The Band

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