Greet Weitenberg has the ability to capture her world in profound moments of temporal being. Her feel for color and her ability for capturing the life around her are striking in her works. This is to be seen in her project Abandoned in which she questions the sell out of spaces around us, and captures the emptiness, but also the ‘life before’  of houses, storehouses, landscapes through a combination of photography and collage. Viewscape shows a collection of new invented landscapes in collages, photos and site specific installations which have been seen in several galleries in The Netherlands and Germany. In her serie of drawings of The extended family you can feel her struggle with the growing individuality in the world. By facing this issue she created new familymembers in fragil drawings.The power of her work arises in the fearless approach of issues where she shows intimicy, fragility where you might not expect it.

Weitenberg is a multidisciplinair visual artist in an ongoing search to her ultimate world. Her search results in creating new worlds in different media, she is exploring new worlds in series of works.

Currently she is working on a completely new world, a magic dream world, a happy world, made from soft, happy, textile works. The title of this serie ie “Welcome To My Happy World!”